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How to Nurture the Insanely Powerful Habit of Self-Reflection

You work relentlessly on your job. You consider yourself a hard worker. A go-getter. But deep down you know something is missing. Something that enables you to review your past so that you can comprehend what your future entails. What

Life Is Better When We Focus on What We Appreciate, Not What’s Lacking

“Wisdom is merely the movement from fighting life to embracing it.” ~Rasheed Ogunlaru Recently a friend told me a story about taking her seven-year-old to the circus. It was a wonderful mother-daughter outing. Just the two of them, no pesky

What Is Radical Acceptance and How Can You Use It to Be Happier?

From an early age, we become bombarded with difficult emotions. We experience fear of failure, anger over the things that we feel we can’t change, and sorrow when we experience loss. However, one of the unfortunate threads throughout all of

How One Woman Used Her Kids as Motivation to Overcome a Lifelong Struggle With Food Addiction

Her son would beg her to play his favorite game — but she couldn’t say yes. It was when she realized she couldn’t play tickle monster with her two-year-old son that Susan Chaney decided to turn her life around. At

Starbucks Says It Has Achieved 100% Gender and Racial Pay Equity In the U.S.

Considered one the top 13 most ethical companies worldwide, Starbucks made a recent move to promote corporate responsibility and ethical practices. A decade ago, the coffee giant announced one of its most ambitious plans yet – eliminating gender and racial

Everything You Need to Know About Social Anxiety – And How to Deal With It

Affecting an estimated seven percent of the U.S. population, social anxiety is a much bigger problem than most realize. In fact, many people don’t even realize they have social anxiety. For years, I just thought I was shy. Throughout my

20 Wayne Dyer Quotes on Manifesting Your Destiny

Wayne Dyer was an American self-help author and motivational speaker. He inspired and motivated on such a large scale that he is often referred to as the “father of the modern self-help movement” or the “father of motivation.” Dyer spent

Jerome by Heart: A Tender Illustrated Celebration of Love Too Boundless for Labels to Contain

A bold and jubilant defense of the heart’s indomitable truth. To love every fiber of another’s being with every fiber of your own is a rare, beautiful, and thoroughly disorienting experience — one which the term in love feels too

The Importance of Time Management: 8 Ways It Skyrockets Your Success

No matter how you slice it, there are only 24 hours in a day. Time is a finite resource, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. If you lose money, you might get a chance to

It’s Okay to ‘Fail’ on Your Way to Finding What You Want to Do

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernard Shaw  I would say it’s a safe assumption that most people aren’t quite sure what they’re doing. What do I mean? I mean that most individuals—whether they look