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Will Smith Gets Spiritual on Instagram, Shares Powerful Message About Faith and Overcoming Fear

Will Smith’s charm and down-to-earth character has helped him gain more than 15 million followers on Instagram just four months after joining the social platform. And ever since his first post, he’s been inspiring people around the world with messages

Theodore Roosevelt on the Cowardice of Cynicism and the Courage to Create Rather Than Criticize

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the

Jeff Bezos Reveals the Most Important Skill You Need for Success – and How His Family Inspires Him to Be an Entrepreneur

We all have great days. Maybe we get a raise. Maybe it’s our kid’s birthday. For Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, a great day can entail making over $12 billion overnight. But Bezos didn’t just wake up one

Les Brown | Why it Pays to Be Hungry

Les Brown – Chase Your Dreams Les Brown is considered to be one of the greatest speakers the world has ever seen. But growing up labelled ‘educable mentally retarded’ made it virtually impossible for him to get there. Young, ready

10 Uber Successful People Who Used to Be Homeless

It’s the classic “rags to riches” story. The American Dream. Not everyone starts from the bottom. Truth be told, many of us are blessed with advantages such as family connections or money. However, that makes the people who become successful after

How to Deal With Feelings of Resentment and Move On After Being Deeply Hurt

If you ask the people you know, the likelihood is they’ll all be able to identify moments in their life in which they felt immense anger. Anger is flashy; it seems to emanate from us; it burns the mind and

How Perfectionism is Holding You Back (and How to Let Go)

Perfectionism always sounded like a positive word to me. After all, what could be better than being perfect? I cannot think of any situation where something could be beyond perfect. Yet in reality, perfectionism is a real problem because it

The Benefits of Daily Meditation While on Vacation

Being on vacation is mainly about rest and relaxation, but what if you could get a lot more out of it? What if during your vacation you could recharge yourself with more energy than ever before? Are you ready for

Whatever Is Taken for Granted Will Eventually Be Taken Away

“They say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ The truth is, you knew exactly what you had. You just didn’t think that you were going to lose it.” ~Unknown She was a mother of eight children. She

Sebastian Terry | How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Sebastian Terry – What’s On Your List? Sadly, it took a tragic event in Sebastian Terry’s world for him to realize how precious life is for everyone. In this rousing speech, he tells of the amazing journey he has had