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How to Change Your Career (And the Course of Your Life) in 6 Months

After winning the Mr. Universe title, Arnold Schwarzenegger first made millions in masonry and real-estate before turning to acting, and eventually politics. Jessica Alba’s net worth increased more than tenfold after she started The Honest Company and shifted her focus on

15 Clint Eastwood Quotes to Make you Mentally Tougher

After achieving great success as a film actor, Clint Eastwood gained even more popularity by becoming an Academy Award winner for directing movies like Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby. Clint Eastwood grew up during the Great Depression. Since desperate times

Jan Almasy | Seize the Day Every Day

Jan Almasy – Chase Your Dream Jan Almasy delivers a powerful speech on the timeless lessons he learned from his grandfather that shape the life he lives today. Transcript: The apex of my life is my death. I want you

9 Things Every Couple Must Discuss Before Seriously Committing

You’re in love– and you can’t help but want to think of nothing else but how happy you are. I totally get it. And while it’s an uncomfortable subject, and despite how in love you are, it’s important to make

Life Is in the Little Things: Finding the Extra in the Ordinary

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.“ ~Jimmy Johnson “Write about what we did today,” my daughter said. She knows I often write once she is asleep. Dully I thought, “What we did today wasn’t that exciting.”

Shawn Mendes Opens Up About His Anxiety Struggles, Urges Men to Speak Out on Mental Health

One of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2018, Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes is using his platform to tackle mental health. Mendes is making waves with the recently-released lead song “In My Blood,” a raw and honest recounting of living

What 10 of the World’s Most Successful People Do to Manage Stress

We all know the constant bearing down of stress. At first, it’s subtle; like a tingling sensation that persists but is hardly bothersome. But, after some time, that stress becomes chronic and seeps into every part of your being, from

3 Traits Albert Einstein and Elon Musk Have in Common

It’s hard to go a minute nowadays without seeing a headline that has something to do with Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk or one of his many business ventures. Both idealistic and analytical – from creating electric batteries to

Sojourners in Space: Annie Dillard on What Mangrove Trees Teach Us About the Human Search for Meaning in an Unfeeling Universe

“We don’t know where we belong, but in times of sorrow it doesn’t seem to be here… where space is curved, the earth is round, we’re all going to die, and it seems as wise to stay in bed as

Don’t Let Anxiety Sabotage a Beautiful Relationship

Clinical anxiety is one of the single most difficult challenges one can face in a relationship. Anxiety is difficult, first and foremost, because those who have never experienced it can’t fully understand what it feels like. Attempting to describe what