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Easily Distracted and Hard to Focus? Try Doing This

Are you reading this article because you’re currently searching for a solution or method to help improve your focus? Trying to find a way to concentrate better so that you can get more done in your day? Do you feel

Do You Really Understand What a Habit Is?

Everyone has habits, whether they’re good or bad ones! You would have started forming habits since a very young age, whether it’s sucking on your thumb as a baby, taking a nap every afternoon after school as a kid, or

9 Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger can grow and survive in all parts of the world due to its perennial nature. It is mainly grown in the warmer parts of the world because of the long time span it takes to grow and mature. Many

Man Loses Over 150 Pounds Thanks to the Generosity of Strangers, Shows Us to Importance of a Support Network

In 2016, Eric Gonzales weighed 431 pounds and was the heaviest he’d ever been. After he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, his doctor recommended Gonzales either join weight loss classes or consider surgery, in an effort to

How to Say No to the Expectations of Others and Live By Your Own Rules

Many of us live out our entire life afraid of what others think of us. We live with countless expectations on our back like invisible fitness weights strapped to our ankles and wrists. “You can’t do that…” “You should be

The One Principle That All Great Ones Use to Succeed

I recently finished watching the HBO documentary The Defiant Ones. It tells the story of legendary music producer and businessman Jimmy Iovine and equally legendary hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre and their long shared personal and business relationship (which culminated in

3 Lessons from NBC News Anchor Dan Harris’ Book, 10% Happier, on Living Better with Mindfulness

As someone who has written about mindfulness and the practice of meditation for going on six years now, I’m pretty fed up with all the over-the-top claims. Mindfulness did have a significant positive impact on several areas of my life

Google Shares Photos of First-Ever Garage Headquarters, Inspires Us to Dream Big

Nowadays, we use Google every day, and everyone has heard of it. They are a giant $800 billion tech company and employ around 90,000 people – but they weren’t always that big. In fact, their humble beginnings 20 years ago

The Top 21 Kids Websites to Teach Responsibility and Life Skills

Letting your children navigate the internet on their own is like throwing them into the Wild West for them to fend for themselves. The internet can be a dangerous place for children if they are on the wrong websites. We

The Scary Truth About Nightmare Disorder And Top Treatments that Work

Most of us have had the experience of deeply distressing nightmares that wake us up. But for those suffering symptoms of nightmare disorder, the experience can be terrifying, let alone the idea of falling asleep in the first place. Untreated,